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Consultation Fees

  • 1st £30.97
  • 2nd £26.24

Vaccinations for dogs

  • Primary course £64
  • Yearly booster £40
  • Kennel cough – £37
  • Yearly booster and Kennel cough together- £55

Vaccinations for cats

  • Primary course for cat flu – £50
  • Yearly booster – £30
  • Primary course for cat flu and leukaemia – £75
  • Yearly booster – £44
Delivery service

Our delivery service provides an easy and economic way for getting orders for pet food and medications to you.

The service is available every weekday and is available free to clients who live within a 2 mile radius of the surgery, with a small charge of £2 to orders delivered outside of this.

Call to arrange a delivery at a time that suits you, please contact reception on 020 8940 1090 or e-mail

24 hour emergency service

Here at Richmond Vets our out of hours emergency service is kindly provided by Medivet at 171 Lower Richmond Road, Mortlake, SW14 7HX.

To contact us in the event of an accident or emergency during the hours of 8.30am – 7pm please call 020 8940 1090/0986. If you need help outside of these hours, please call 020 8878 6080.

Preventive Health Care

We can advise on all aspects of preventive health care, and offer vaccination against common diseases in cats, dogs and rabbits. We also stock a comprehensive range of effective worm, flea and tick treatments.

Neutering (spay and castration) of pet species can also be an important part of preventive health care, and here at the surgery we offer a full advice service on these procedures.


It is now compulsory to have your dog microchipped so don’t get caught out and receive a hefty fine – worst still, don’t be parted from your dog just because you haven’t got him/her chipped. Should the worst happen and your dog got lost the microchip will help reunite you both.

At the surgery we use biotherm chips, which in addition to allowing permanent identification of your pet, also enables us to check your pets temperature without the use of the much feared thermometer!

A microchip is also the first requirement needed if you are thinking of taking your pet abroad. Please see our pet passport section, or call us at the surgery if you require more information about travelling with your pet.

Pet care advice

All of our qualified staff have the experience and knowledge to advise on the full range of pet care issues, from training and care of young pets to diet, nutrition, behaviour and senior pet health.

One of our nurses have qualifications in pet behaviour and regularly give advice on puppy training and a variety of behaviour issues, from anxiety, introducing new pets to the household, urinating in the house and many more. She will discuss any concerns you have either at the surgery or by visiting you and your pet at home.

Puppy classes

Training and socialising are essential to get started when puppies are young, as they are learning all the time. Here at Richmond Vets we offer classes which can help with both of these whilst making it fun for them, and you, at the same time.

They are organised and run by Pippa Hutchinson who teaches you how to use a clicker aid as an effective training method, offers general advice on allowing your puppy off the lead for the first time, tips on making sure they come to you when called and answer any queries or concerns you may have about your new puppy. These classes importantly allow your puppy to socialise with other puppies in a fun and safe environment, and as they are held here at the surgery it means they become familiar with visiting the Vets, associating it with good experiences, which then helps with future visits for treatment. It brings fun to learning and they will be awarded a well deserved certificate at the end of the course!

This is a 4 week course which is held every Tuesday evening between 7.30 and 8.30pm. For more information, or to join in on the fun and book a place on the course, please contact Pippa on 07733086007

The cat clinic - The purrrfect time to bring your cat

Our surgery offers a cat clinic each week, so if you have a cat that is nervous of dogs, it is the perfect opportunity to make an appointment safe in the knowledge that upon your visit you will be welcomed into a feline friendly zone. Our vets will be on hand to provide advice and treatment on all aspects of your cats health.

Please call us for more information and to make an appointment.

Nurse clinics

Our team of fully qualified nurses are on hand to offer advice on a range of health care topics.

Appointments can be made with the nurses during their clinic hours if you wish to discuss and address any issues or problems you may have with your pet. Currently these clinics are specifically designed to deal with obesity in pets, puppy/kitten health and training, senior pet health and micro-chipping.

Please call us for more information and to make an appointment.


Here at the surgery we stock an extensive range of prescription drugs, pet foods and also non-prescription items. Prescription drugs can only be supplied when authorised by a vet, therefore we respectfully ask that, when ordering a repeat prescription, 24 hours notice is given.

Repeat prescriptions can be ordered by telephone, in person at the surgery, or by completing our online prescription form. Prescription drugs can only be supplied to animals deemed ‘under our care’. In practice, this means that we must have examined your pet in the last 6 months to be able to prescribe such drugs.

Written prescriptions are also available from the surgery. Please ask at reception for details.

Pet passports

Here at Richmond Vets our vets are authorised to deal with all aspects of overseas pet travel. We can issue pet passports and private health certificates, and also certify government export health certificates.

More and more people are opting to travel with their pets rather than leaving them at home in kennels and catteries. The pet passport scheme has made this travel much easier. Various requirements need to be met for this scheme, and there are also potential disease implications of international travel. Please click on the travel information tab on this page for comprehensive information on travelling with your pet.

Please speak to us directly if you have any further queries.

Home visits

Our surgery premises are well equipped and staffed to deal with medical and surgical emergencies. For this reason, we feel that it is always better for us to treat our patients at the surgery, ensuring they receive the best care possible. However, there may be other circumstances where you would prefer us to visit you and your pet in your home. We aim to provide a home visit service whenever we can during normal surgery hours, if we feel the welfare of any of our patients would not be compromised by doing so. Please contact the surgery if you would like to discuss this service.

For clients who have transport difficulties, there are a number of local taxi and animal ambulance services available, and contact details for some of these can be found on our links page. We may also be able to assist with transport problems, with the use of our own surgery van.

Pet Health Plans

Preventive treatment for your pets such as yearly vaccinations, regular flea and worm treatments can be costly, especially if paying for them all at once. Pet health plans are designed to help budget for the cost of preventive treatments for your pets, by paying a monthly set fee by direct debit.

Based on your pets weight and age, we can work out a suitable plan which provides an overall discount as well as reducing the cost of certain procedures, and items bought at the practice.

For more information or to join a plan, please contact the surgery on 020 8940 1090 or call the Pet Health Plans team for free on 0800 169 9958.

Veterinary ambulance

Our surgery van enables us to provide an ambulance service for collecting unwell or injured animals. If you struggle to get your pet to the Vets, please get in touch with us and we can assist in getting your pet to and from the surgery.

We also use the van to make food and medication deliveries within the area. Click on the “delivery service” tab for more details.


We place medical orders everyday during the week, so if you are running low on your pets medication or food, please give the surgery a call and we can generally provide you with them by the following day.

Canine Rehabilitation

Katie O’Brien BSc (Hons) AdvCertVPhysMIRVAP

I worked at Richmond Vets, at various times, over many years, having first introduced myself as a work experience student. Between times I completed an Animal Science degree at the University of Nottingham and spent a year as a full time working pupil at a large BHS training yard, following one of my great passions – riding and working with horses.

I was back (again!) working part-time as a nurse from 2012 until 2016, whilst also studying to become a veterinary physiotherapist. I completed my training in 2014 and hold the Advanced Certificate in Veterinary Physiotherapy. I have also completed the ABC Level 3 Certificate in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals with Barbara Houlding MScVetPhys, GradDipPhys, MCSP, FIRVAP, at K9HS. I have found the ability to offer that continuity of care with combined land and water based treatments to be incredibly rewarding and can dramatically improve treatment outcomes for my canine patients. Recently, myself and my business partner, Nikki Engelbach opened our own specialist canine rehabilitation centre, Bach Canine Rehab, offering hydrotherapy and physiotherapy services just down the road in Old Isleworth.