Pet Health Plans

There are plenty of companies out there willing to sell you their pet insurance at competitive prices, ensuring you have peace of mind if your pet is unfortunate enough to need costly surgery, or life-time medications.

What about all the other costs incurred thoughout your pet’s life for routine things that your insurance policy does not cover?  What about having help with preventive treatment such as yearly vaccinations, dental checks and procedures or regular flea and worm treatments?  These are all necessary but can be costly, especially if paying for them all in one visit.

Pet Health Plans are designed to help budget for the cost of preventive treatments for your pets by paying a monthly set fee by direct debit.  Based on your pets weight and age, we can work out a suitable plan which in addition to spreading the cost evenly over 12 months, also provides an overall discount and entitles you to discounted prices on certain procedures, and items bought at the practice.  This means you no longer have to worry about saving up for that one month in the year when you incur all the costs at once, there is no waiting in reception to pay your bill, and your pet gets a health check 6 months later for free!

For more information or to join a plan, please contact the surgery on 020 8940 1090 or call the Pet Health Plans team for free on 0800 169 9958.